3 Best Places to Find Fashionable Looks To the Benefit of Your Bank Account

As spring weather begins to blow its way into our lives, we look forward to wearing our favorite button-ups, sandals, jackets and other fun, trendy looks. As college students with very little money at hand, we definitely appreciate spending as little as possible on these looks. Lucky for us, there are a few places around to find great looks without costing an arm and a leg.

1. Plato’s Closet

Conveniently located down the road from campus, Plato’s is one of the go-to spots for thrift shopping. Plato’s often has a wide variety of used, but stylish articles of clothing for reasonable prices. Options include tops, pants, shoes, hats, purses, dresses, and even earrings! Looking for a stylish spring top to show off in class? Do you have a busy schedule that leaves little time for shopping? Look no further than Plato’s Closet in Roseville!

2. Discount 70

This place is more of a drive, but Discount 70 in Columbia Heights is another great option for finding your fall vibe at great prices! Discount 70 has name-brand items that didn’t sell at commercial stores for 70% off the original price. That’s right, you’re getting new clothes, and don’t have to pray for your bank account. They don’t just sell clothes either, there are also furniture items to give your future dorm room the best aesthetic. Discount 70 has 100% of our appreciation for sure!

3. Goodwill

Of course, Goodwill is always a good choice for all of your thrifting needs. Another close option, the store has a wide variety of clothing items for men and women for smaller prices than a commercial store! Are you looking for the perfect jacket to complete your fit? Goodwill probably has five to suit your liking. Goodwill also has a plentiful supply of knick-knacks, trinkets, books, and DVDs for your enjoyment as well! You can never go wrong with a trip to Goodwill.

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