UNW Graduate Uses Class Notes in Real World Job!

Who'd of Thought?

Tatyana Cano used her class notes out in the real world!

When Tatyana Cano (Public Relations ’21) was a senior in high school, she did not know where her future would lead her, but when a friend introduced her to UNW, it became the only school she applied to. Cano especially enjoyed taking classes with Professor Mark Seignious. She also remembers that as challenging as the Business Communications class was, it was extremely valuable.  As a student, Cano completed a couple of internships as a human resource intern and a business administration internship but found that type of work wasn’t for her. Then she got an internship with KTIS and loved it!

“Everyone should take Business Communications. It’s one the most helpful classes.”  

Tatyana Cano ’21 Public Relations

Challenges are inevitable and can help us grow as individuals. One challenge that Cano faced at Northwestern was being a Latina woman in a predominantly white community. She fondly remembers that many professors in the Communication Department cared for her deeply and were always willing to check on her. Now that she is working, she faces the challenge of having to lead herself and trust in her abilities. 

“I used class notes to set my objectives and tactics

for the new program! :)”

Tatyana Cano ’21

In August, Cano began working as the athletic coordinator for Urban Ventures. She enjoys her job and appreciates the benefits that it provides. Cano uses many skills learned from classes she took at Northwestern such as how to program and plan events. In a recent message to Professor Marshall, Cano proudly sent a smiley emoticon with the news that she used her PR Cases & Campaigns notes to set her objectives and tactics for the new program!”

 In the future Cano would love to work at a PR firm in Minnesota, but she is hoping to stick with Urban Ventures for the next few years.  

Cano leaves UNW students with this bit of advice, “Take advantage of networking events.”

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