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by Grace Arrigoni

College represents a transitional time from childhood to adulthood. It is important to take your faith through that transition as well. Falling out of the routine can be easy when you are not living at home. Intentionally attending church in this new season of life will reap emotional, spiritual, and relational benefits that you will appreciate long after college.

Here are 4 reasons why you should go to church in college: 

  1. Community – Church offers new relationships of different varieties. There are opportunities to meet people through small groups and bible studies.

“A church community is important in college because you are going through so many changes in this season of life. The faith-based community is particularly beneficial because they can give you Godly advice rather than worldly advice.” Hannah Skoglund, Northwestern Sophomore

  1. Growth – Church challenges you to think about your faith in new ways. Attending a church provides a safe space that is conducive to growth in not just faith, but all aspects of your life.
  2. Vocation – Being a part of a church allows you to use what you are learning in the classroom in the real world. If you are pursuing a degree in computer science, you can assist with the audio-visual team. Or if you are studying communications, you can help out with the website and social media.
  3. Faith – Regularly attending corporate worship is part of God’s design for His church on earth.

Students engaging in a small group devotional.

“When I haven’t prioritized going to corporate worship on Sundays, it affects me in every area of my life. It doesn’t set up my week well to glorify the Lord in everything I do.” Emma Fashant, Northwestern Senior

By regularly attending church, these four aspects of your life will flourish.