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What is the MEL?

Perhaps a better question is “Who is the MEL?” The MEL is the fruition of a year-long project to put The Remnant to rest and pursue a new student media conglomeration. From the legacy of The Remnant was born the Media Entertainment Lab. The MEL isn’t really is product, it’s the people behind the name. We are proud to bring you the combined efforts of our radio, TV, news, and film teams to bring something new, refreshing, and yes, hopefully entertaining.

Listen to the MEL radio at 98.5 KTIS HD3 and online at!

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Mission Statement

The MEL (Media Entertainment Lab) exists to provide students opportunities to do all things related to the day-to-day operations of a media/public relations agency such as building mutually beneficial relationships between and advocating for University of Northwestern – St. Paul, the UNW communication department and its many audiences.