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Have you heard of Hillsong Young & Free?

Young & Free have been working hard putting out many acoustic versions of their new singles on their YouTube channel! Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of Hillsong Young & Free, if that’s the case, allow me to share 5 things you might not know about them:

  1. There are 13 members in the band- That’s a crazy number!
  2. They originated at the Sydney church in Australia in 2012 with the purpose to make worship music for a younger audience.
  3. Their live shows are LIT! They rock out so hard that one of the members even lost a tooth mid performance!
  4. Their debut album “We Are Young & Free” landed in the Top 25 on Billboard 200 while “Youth Revival” garnered the group its first-ever GRAMMY nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album (2017)
  5. In an interview with Fox Nation, Laura Toggs, Y&F member described Hillsong Young & Free’s vision as, “a group of story-tellers who want to tell of what we’ve personally experienced. We want people to know what we know, feel what we’ve felt, see what we’ve seen and we want every soul and heart to know that there is a good God in heaven who truly loves and believes in them”

There you go, 5 things you might not know about Hillsong Young & Free! What’s your favorite song from them?

Hillsong Young & Free released a single “Best Friends” (2020) which is playing on the Remnant!