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By: Noelle Rogers

You might be a good roommate, but are you the best roommate… ever?

Living with other people can be an incredible experience or the worst. It requires a delicate balance of effort, understanding, and willingness. Remember, nobody is perfect, and you can always work on improving. Coexisting with another person is not easy! So do not beat yourself up if it does not come naturally! However, if you are seeking some guidance, or maybe your roommates are hinting at you by sending this… here are seven effective ways to become the best roommate ever!

“I am thankful to have good roommate chemistry because it provides a home-like environment that I can go back to every day that I know my roommates will be there to love and support me.” – Selma Jahnke, left side.


Talk the Talk but Don’t Forget to Listen: Communication is key to avoiding conflicts. Embrace open communication and active listening with your roommates.  Experienced roommate Olivia says, “Communication has completely transformed the dynamic of me and my roommates. We often avoid conflict by not allowing it to happen in the first place. Better communication helps us be better roommates and friends.”

Cleanliness is Critical: Keep your space clean and organized. A tidy environment reduces tension and makes shared living more enjoyable. Plus, it eliminates awkward discussions about that weird smell in the room.

Respect Reigns Supreme: Respect is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship. Treat others how you want to be treated, this includes your roommates.  In the words of experiences roommate Sage, “If you don’t respect them, they won’t respect you.”

Serve Up Some Help: Cultivate a servant heart by being willing to assist your roommates when needed. Small acts of kindness go a long way in creating an uplifting living environment.

Balance Buddies vs Roomies: Establish a balance between friendship and roommate duties. Know when to offer a listening ear but also when to respect their space. It is all about finding the sweet spot between being a buddy and a roommate.

Speak Their Love Language: Understanding your roommate’s love language can work wonders. Whether it’s words of affirmation, acts of service, or quality time, tailoring your interactions can strengthen your relationship. Experienced roommate Selma states, “Understanding that my roommate’s love language is acts of service has greatly influenced how I express my gratitude towards her. Through small gestures like cleaning the dishes, our mutual appreciation for each other has grown significantly.”

Master the Art of Consideration: When in doubt, choose to be considerate. Being mindful of your roommate’s feelings and needs can prevent misunderstandings and foster a harmonious living environment. Strive to be present and supportive, yet respectful of boundaries.

Always remember the advice shared by experienced roommate Landen, “Be there for them when they need you, but invisible when they need space.”

Being the best roommate ever is not rocket science, but it does require effort. By embracing these seven strategies, you can turn your shared living space into a place of friendship and harmony. Remember, you can always be better.