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by Noelle Rogers

Isaac Wilson’s rapid rise to fame in the University of Northwestern’s theater community is nothing short of shocking. While his theater experience may have been limited to community theater and high school productions, he left everyone speechless when he attained the lead role in last fall’s production of “Anastasia.”

At just 16 years old, Isaac represented the only PSEO student (Post-Secondary Enrollment Options) in the cast. Meaning he is completing his junior year of high school while also earning college credits. This underage prodigy is rewriting the rules of theater and proving that raw talent knows no age limit.

Isaac received high praise from Samanatha Laumann and audition board member, “Isaac’s character, youthfulness, and fight embodied the role of Dimitri. His acting choices in the audition were so strong and convincing. He did a wonderful job connecting the music to the text.”

Isaac’s audacious leap into the spotlight that had everyone talking. With his major yet to be declared, the possibility of a vocal performance and theater double major is on the horizon. His newfound passion and commitment to the craft is evident.

Keep an eye out for this rising young star!