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By: Shelby Greven 

            This past week, 98.5 KTIS radio station has hosted their annual spring fundraiser. Students across the entire UNW campus have signed up to help KTIS in the call center by answering phones over the course of the week. This is a great way for students to make some extra cash, but more importantly students are helping KTIS by bringing in callers who want to financially support them and spiritually encourage through prayer and their testimonies. 

KTIS and the MEL are very tied together. KTIS was actually started by Students at UNW and students have had unique opportunities to work up at KTIS. Since KTIS is so closely related to UNW, is great way to show students and the outside world what we are about. The Mel students, just like KTIS, are pursuing their craft for Christ’s glory. As one student put it, “It is like in Star Wars, when Luke is carrying Yoda on his back. Luke needed Yoda and Yoda needed Luke. The Mel wouldn’t be here without KTIS and KTIS wouldn’t be here with the Mel.” KTIS and the Mel are showing how they can make a difference now and in the future. 

Students from the Mel are always eager to learn from KTIS, and this year the Radio Workshop decided to not just help the call center at KTIS, but they went a step further and started to fundraise on the Mel 98.5 HD4, which is the radio station that is run by UNW students. While playing music and promoting stories, they directed people to call KTIS, helping get the outreach even father. Rotating between 10 people, the Mel kept fundraising for KTIS until the event ended. 

These students enjoyed being a part of this fundraiser but also they love the experience that they are getting by having the practice of fundraising on their own station. 

“We’re in a safe place to make mistakes.” –Raeann Goetz, Morning Host for the MEL.

There might not be many people listening to 98.5 HD4 the Mel, who would donate to KTIS, but the practice they are putting in is what they value. Listening, absorbing, and jumping back and forth on air as they co-host is experience that could help them in their future careers. 

Pursue Christ. Pursue Craft. Get upstairs. This is the Mel.