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Authors: Ler Say Thin, Jon Haven, & Grace Pompilio

You’ve heard of the commuters, residents, and dual-enrollment students, but have you heard of the hitchhikers on campus?

Junior, Jon Haven shares his experience “whether it’s a snowy or rainy day, I purposefully walk along the sidewalk by Erikson to see if I can catch a ride to class.”

It turns out more students than just Jon have attempted this UNW life hack. “The positive side of living in Minnesota is experiencing Minnesota nice. Most peers are more than willing to give rides to their classmates even when they’re not friends” says Ler Say, PR student who appreciates the gesture on her way to the Mel Johnson. While Northwestern does offer a shuttle service, not all students have chosen to utilize it.

Northwestern’s beautiful campus consists of 107 acres of land which equates to a good amount of time spent walking to and from classes.

“Most peers are more than willing to give rides to their classmates even when they’re not friends.”

— Ler Say, Senior

Once on campus, there are still ways to escape the rain and snow. The five academic buildings are all connected by tunnels to give students a dry commute between classes. If you are not familiar with how to find the tunnels, you can start by entering the staircase in front of the Mail Center in the Billy. Once you are in the tunnel, there are signs to direct you to the building you wish to go to. If you are still confused where to find them, you can always ask a friendly face in the Billy or Public Safety. Even if you can’t catch a ride, you can enjoy a beautiful walk-through Northwestern’s campus and add a few steps to your pedometer. 

For more information on UNW shuttle service: