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Senior public relations major, Grace Pompilio, recently joined the ranks of MEL students who have “made it upstairs” – meaning she rose from in the ranks from communication department student to MEL public relations exec staff to audience engagement intern with KTIS. Recently, she participated in an interview explaining her new role.

What does an audience engagement intern do?

As an audience engagement intern, I handle tasks such as organizing car sticker events, welcoming guests at concerts and assisting performers when they come to Minnesota.

My day-to-day activities involve a lot of event planning and meetings. Lately, I’ve been charged with purchasing items for Pastor Appreciation Month, and I even pray about selecting the pastor.

Grace in her cubical at KTIS

How did you get this job and when did you start?

Professor Seignious told me about the position, and I reached out to Charlotte, the KTIS receptionist to learn more about the job. I began my internship in August 2023.


Where are you going with this internship?

I’m looking to pursue a similar job within this field. I’ve come to realize that I love event planning!


What’s most enjoyable about this job? What is least enjoyable?

The most enjoyable aspect of this job is the planning process, the stories that come from it and the positive impact it has on the community. However, the most challenging aspect is maintaining a work/life balance, especially when deeply invested in a project.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy photography and spending time with my boyfriend, country music, the outdoors and going on walks.

Stacie Houle, Grace Pompilio, Amy Mulvihill, Kristina Winger at Top Golf