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According to the University of Northwestern–St. Paul’s new COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, students are no longer allowed to sit in the Billy Graham Commons. When going to get food, students must stand and eat or simply grab food and go. This will limit the number of people, traffic and sitting time in an enclosed space that requires people to take off their masks to eat and drink. 

When entering the cafeteria, students can socially distance and grab food as normal. But once students exit and go into what was the sitting area, all tables and chairs will be gone, and there will be X’s where people can stand and talk if needed. With plexiglass between each person, students can stand and eat for up to 10 minutes and then will be asked to evacuate their spots so others can eat and drink as necessary. 

This follows in the steps of Bethel University. It also lowers the need for facilities and Bon Appétit to clean and disinfect the chairs and tables, making it a faster and easier process and helping students get to class more quickly. Many students are thankful that Northwestern is keeping them safe, which will help students stay on campus through the end of the year.