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As a student you are plagued with many assignments and school projects that truly leave you wondering if you will ever get to use your skills in the real world. There is nothing worse than learning to do something, but never getting to apply it to your career. That’s why companies have created internships, where students can directly apply their skills to the real world in a so called “practice job”.

Photo Courtesy of Google

Having an internship isn’t just helpful for gaining experience in your related field, but employers are always on the lookout for people with valuable workplace experience. It is said to be that internships are the #1 influencing factor for employer hiring decisions.

When employers see that an individual has valuable experience from internships in their related field, they are more likely to hire. Around 53% of students have reported that they obtained current positions directly from their internships or internship contacts. Knowing that internships can have a positive impact on your future career should inspire and motivate you to gain valuable experience in your field.