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In case this event slipped your mind, for King & Country is coming to Minneapolis in just over a month! They will be playing at the Target Center on Saturday, December 11th. Join them for a night of celebration and praise as they share their A Drummer Boy Christmas album live!

A Drummer Boy Christmas is the first full Christmas album that this band has released, and it was inspired by their song, “Little Drummer Boy,” which was released earlier. Band member, Luke, says in an interview with Sounds Like Nashville, “We wanted to try to create timeless music, which is quite a daunting task. The goal was to create a Christmas album that you could listen to while putting up the tree, or drinking cocoa by the fire, Christmas music that wouldn’t date with time. So we put a lot of strings, orchestral sounds and some bits of choir to fit with some of the classics.” Fans say that for King & Country accomplished their goal; this album is widely listened to, and it certainly has a timeless feel about it!

If this interests you, find tickets here:

Check out this video to learn some fun facts about for King & Country:


For King & Country Celebrate the Season with ‘A Drummer Boy Christmas,’ Drive-In Tour