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Do you enjoy listening to Christian music that is less popular than what is typically played on 98.5 KTIS? If you do, then check out The Arcadian Wild’s new album: Principium! This album consists of only four songs, but those four songs tell one of the most important stories in the history of the world–God’s meta-narrative for humanity. These profound lyrics blended with distinctive folk music retell God’s purpose for humanity, their time in the Garden of Eden, the fall, and the redemption.

Now, what about the name of this album–Principium? Unless you are a philosopher or are familiar with Latin, this word might be unfamiliar. Most dictionaries define this word as “a fundamental principle.” In Latin, this word is associated with words such as “beginning” and “basis.” Essentially, this is what The Arcadian Wild’s album does; it revisits the beginnings of creation and our history. A history that serves as our foundation and our basis for life as believers!

Beginning with “Spring,” each song describes a section of the story (listen to this album in the order in which it was written). “Spring” concludes with a declaration of belonging and a promise of a future:

“You are my begotten
The one I love
Today I am your father
Our story’s just begun.”

“Summer” follows with a warning about satan’s deception:

“But even Eden’s home to demons, they can mesmerize

Keep your eyes on me, watch and learn how to be”

“Fall” mourns the choice that humanity made when they believed satan’s deception. “Winter” continues to grieve what was lost with the fall, but “Winter” ends with the hope of the resurrection:

“Lay down, sleepyhead
Rest your bones in that flowerbed
I’ll wake you when it’s time
We’ll walk in the warmth of an endless light.”

As believers, we can rest in shalom knowing that God keeps His promises and that we will “walk in the warmth of [His] endless light” at the resurrection!

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