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Don’t miss your chance to revisit with your friends from childhood in Northwestern’s upcoming production of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” which runs from February 22 – March 2.

Did you know that Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and the other beloved comic strip characters of Peanuts, originated right here in MN? Charles Schultz, the creator of this comic, came from right here in the Twin Cities.

Jennifer Hunter, Professor of Theater and UNW Director, says she is excited to share with the community this production’s deep message that young people learn to persevere through tough times.

Director Jennifer Hunter

“I’m in awe of Charles M. Schultz as an innovator of approaching topics of mental health, anxiety, and depression during an era when it was taboo. In the comic strip PEANUTS, he used humor to advocate for different characters, like Charlie Brown, who were feeling defeated, deflated, and depressed about the uphill battles of everyday life, ”

Hunter goes on to say how Charles Schultz is a hero to some because he related to real, human experience in this “funny” comic and reminded his audience that it’s okay to feel complicated emotions. You can handle them just fine!

Hunter invites the UNW community to experience the show, This musical is a comedy, you’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and you might even tear up a bit. You’ll hear some good singing, see some good dancing and overall see a creative performance with excellent production quality. I hope you come and see it!”

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