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The overwhelming number of food options in the cafeteria can make for a tough decision! Here’s some advice for making the choice.

How to choose your meal

  1. Always consider and look at all the food options for the day.
  2. Keep an open mind, and be willing to try new things.
  3. Ask your friends for recommendations.

Admittedly, some food options are better than others, but it all depends on your mood. Of course, there are a few food items that you can never go wrong with such as paninis, wraps, pizza, pasta and the burger/chicken sandwich. These options will leave you satisfied after a long day of classes.

But, of course, the number #1 rule of good eating is

Don’t forget to eat your fruits and vegetables. Someday your body will thank you.

Your Mom

Now get out there, step out of your comfort zone and try new things.