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Today marks the day before the biggest game of the Northwestern Eagles season, and it also marks perhaps the longest day in the short careers for the dynamic broadcasting trio of Daniel Appel, Mark Myers, and myself. The weekend has a lot of game prep, announcing, and basketball in store, but it also has a lot of tom-foolery, skulduggery, and chicanery ahead as well. We’ll keep you updated the entire weekend (and hopefully next weekend as well if the Eagles sweep at St. Norbert’s…) on all the details of the radio broadcasting crew’s trip, from every Mark Myers snort-chuckle to every Daniel Appel starlet request.


It was a five hour trip to Green Bay that embarked from the beautiful lakeside campus of the University of Northwestern–St. Paul and ended at the luxurious two-star hotel at which I now write. Before embarking, we had one final pre-tournament episode of Chatterbox Sports Talk expertly picking apart every key to an Eagles victory over the 23-2 St. Norbert Green Knights. A greater mind would have remembered to save such treasured audio and link it here, but I am not that greater mind. So if you missed out, tough luck. Follow the @remnant_sports on Twitter and find out when our show airs so you can listen to it live. Essentially, we broke down the guard play of Cody Sprenger, Michael “the Magic Man” Carney, and Mr. ESPN Porter Morrell against St. Norbert’s 6’4” beast Terrence Garner. Daniel Appel will break it down more in his more sports-focused post to come a little bit later. Also, Mark forgot that we were doing a radio show and decided that parroting Daniel’s every word made for the best analysis. Oh, Marky Mark.


After the show, we drove nonstop for three-and-a-half hours to Wausau, Wisconsin. Or as Daniel Appel put it, “the pimple of Wisconsin.” He’s not wrong…look…


On the ride to Zitville, Mark gave us his opinion on the Oscars, Super Tuesday, and naively gave away his strategy on securing a hotel bed to himself. He ended up attaining the couch when we arrived at the hotel. After serenading us with his vast expertise, Mark took his talents to the monastery and took a twenty minute vow of silence which he surprisingly volunteered to do and strictly stuck to. It was majestic, like Haley’s Comet. However, he ruined his stoicism when he decided that opening the back door of a car driving 80MPH (I’m addicted to speeding) was a good idea. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Thankfully, Mark had his seat-belt on and didn’t end up like this:


We arrived in Green Bay at 6:00, almost got hit by a fire truck, and checked-in to our hotel. Fun fact, Daniel is scared of elevators. Like he closed his eyes each time we went up and down. Our hotel is much nicer than the price would have let on (shoutout to They gave us a suite, which means that Mark gets the living room to himself at night! It’s so exciting.

Dinner took place at a five-star joint in Green Bay that they call “Wendy’s.” While we were there, I thought I saw the Avery family, but it was just a group of residents from Wisconsin. They all look the same. The food was great, you should try it out sometime. The radio station is innocently paying for the meals on the trip, so we took full advantage. In fact, we professionally filmed our orders:

Now we’re back at the hotel. Doing “game prep.” So the rest of our day is pretty boring. However, we’ve been Snapchatting like fiends, so feel free to follow live Mark Myers updates at “jkolo55.” It doesn’t disappoint.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates from Green Bay, Wisconsin (including a Lambeau Field visit), but that will be after the first round of the NCAA Tournament which you can tune into on with pregame starting at 7:00PM and tip-off at 7:30PM. It’ll be a good time, I guarantee it.