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Looking for a way to travel this summer and earn some cash at the same time? Campus Outreach provides an exciting opportunity for University of Northwestern students through their Summer Training Project. Campus Outreach is a college ministry whose goal is to build laborers with a commitment to Jesus and His Great Commission.

Campus Outreach’s Summer Training Project brings students to Garden City, South Carolina for eight weeks, where they work at Walmart and develop lasting relationships with students from around the country. According to Kailey Lindahl, a UNW student and this upcoming summer’s Project Director, the Summer Training Project has two purposes for students who attend: to come to know the Lord more and understand how the gospel relates to their lives and to receive evangelism and discipleship training through intentional, vulnerable conversations with leaders and peers.

The 2021 Summer Training Project team at Garden City beach. Photo from Kailey Lindahl.

Through student-led weekly Bible studies, small groups, and living with one another, the over 100 participants of the Summer Training Project develop meaningful relationships with each other. Lindahl reflected on how her roommates progressed from strangers to close friends who knew the deep intricacies of each other’s lives in only eight weeks. Lindahl expressed, “We became vulnerable, accountable, and dug into heart issues with each other.”

Students also work the entire summer, as the local Walmart hires students from Campus Outreach for the popular tourist season. By working at Walmart, students have a practical outlet to share the gospel and form relationships with those outside of their usual Minnesota circle. Additionally, many workers knew the students were with Campus Outreach but not why they were here. Kailey explained how some workers would ask them why they were so joyful, and it would allow them to share about their relationship with Jesus.

Students from Summer Training Project and other employees at Walmart. Photo from Kailey Lindahl.

For those who desire to travel, work hard, and develop relationships with fellow siblings of Christ, joining Campus Outreach’s Summer Training Project may be a great opportunity. For more information, click here!