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Christian community is a central piece to the campus culture of University of Northwestern—St. Paul. Often times, worship and prayer events held on campus are by students and staff of UNW, and thus, look very similar. However, this past Monday, January 24, students had the opportunity to attend a worship event on campus that differs from UNW events typically held by Spiritual Development.

Carry the Love is an off campus ministry that started in California in 2012. Their aim is “to inspire a generation to love like Jesus.” The ministry goes on tour each year to visit hundreds of colleges across the United States and Europe to host revival events. They wish to “reach a lost generation with the message of Jesus and activate believers to a lifestyle of love and evangelism.”

Students come together to worship God at a Carry the Love Event. Photo from

This year, Carry the Love made a stop at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul. The initial event was held in the Nazareth Great Room from 7-9 p.m.

Hannah Lageson, Spiritual Development Assistant and junior at the University of Northwestern—St. Paul has worked with Student Life and Carry the Love to plan out the event. 

Lageson heard about the ministry and knew she wanted to get them to UNW’s campus. 

“The vision is that people would unite together in worship. We want to bring the campus together in order to hunger together and want more of God together.”

Hannah lageson

And uniting together is what students did. The event consisted of “family style” worship where all the students gathered close together to praise God the Father and Christ the Son in the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

After worship, a Carry the Love leader gave a message and shared the gospel. Offering his own redemption story,  the speaker gave students at UNW a fresh taste of what it looks like to be powerfully encountered by the love and grace of God. Often times UNW students grow up in the faith, so hearing a dynamic story of how God is working in the lives of unbelievers offers a new compelling passion to evangelize. 

Additionally, Carry the Love is on campus at UNW throughout the week of their event in order to offer further evangelism training sessions and reach more students with their vision. They hope to activate people to carry the love of Jesus with them every day. 

Different students had different thoughts and takeaways from the event. While the opinions on the event vary, events like those of Carry the Love are a great reminder to UNW students that Christians must wake up and not be asleep in their faith. Students at the University of Northwestern enjoy Christian community in their daily lives, and Carry the Love helps encourage students to take the love of Jesus and share it with everyone around them. 

Lageson hopes to continue this vision for the campus by starting her own club, “Unite for More.” The club is for any student who is looking for more: more of God, more community, more love. The club will hold three all night prayer nights, one in February, March, and April. Dates are to be determined. The night will be a meaningful time for students to unite together in prayer for their campus, community, country, and world.