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This is our first week of Chatterbox vs the Fans!

Congratulations to our first contestant Aaron Mcintire on his chance at winning lunch on us!

Aaron joined us over the phone and drafted a team he thought would beat our team in a one week fantasy football competition.

For those who need it a quick reminder of the rules.  Each team picks a QB, RB, WR, and TE. He has a team and we have a team.  The points are only comprised through one week.  You get 5 points for each TD and whoever has the most overall yards gets a bonus 5 Points.

Aaron’s Team

Peyton Manning:  307 yards 2 TD (10 points) Calvin Johnson 116 2 TD (10 points) Peterson 100 yd Gates 124 yd

Giving him a total of 647 yards 4 td (20 points)

Chatterbox Team

Tom Brady 185 yds 1 TD (5 points) Brandon Marshall 113 yds  1 TD (5 points)  Davis 20 yards McCoy 167 yds

Giving us a total of 485 2 tds (10 points)

Aaron also gets the 5 point bonus which he did not even need.  For a final score of 25-10.

Congratulations Aaron you have bested Chatterbox and you win lunch on us!

Tune in Tuesday from 4-6 to find out how you can have a chance to win lunch on us.

— Chatterbox Sports Talk