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Christmas gift shopping on a college budget is not an easy task. Many college students are living off limited funds, making It difficult to afford gifts for friends and family. However, there are many creative and unique gift ideas to spread Christmas cheer to loved ones while on a college budget. Below are 7 budget-friendly Christmas Gifts:

1) Baked goods

Baking is a large part of the holiday season. Gifting someone a plate of Christmas cookies, a loaf of homemade bread or a festive pie is a great way to show them you care about them without needing to spend much money. 

2) Movie night kit 

Create an at-home movie night for a family member or friend. Wrap a kit filled with movie night essentials including a movie they would like, a bag of popcorn, a variety of candy and their favorite drinks. This gift is great a great way to create a fun and memorable experience for a loved one.

3) A pair of gun socks or slippers

As Christmas approaches, the temperatures begin to drop. A pair of warm socks or slippers to fit a loved one’s personality is a fun and practical gift idea. This is a perfect and simple gift for someone who enjoys a cozy and comfortable winter. 

4) A framed photo

It is easy and inexpensive to print photos at places such as Walmart, Walgreens and CVS. Inexpensive frames can be found at Goodwill, Walmart, the Dollar store and other similar stores. This can be personalized more by writing a thoughtful note on the back of the photo before placing it in the frame. 

5) Hot chocolate kit

Put hot chocolate mix and marshmallows in a mason jar, coffee mug or Christmas ornament. Personalize these kits with candy canes, chocolate or cinnamon sticks. This is a simple, easy and affordable way to spread Christmas cheer to college friends. 

6) Your favorite book

Gift a friend or family member your favorite book. Write a note on the inside of the front cover or leave a note on one of your favorite pages. This is a simple way to give a personalized gift by using something you may already have. 

7) Gift cards

There are several reasons gift cards make for good Christmas gifts. Gift cards can be used to help pay for something that may be out of your budget. Gift cards also allow for the receiver to spend the money as they wish. Most people would be more than happy to receive a gift card to their favorite restaurant, store or coffee shop. 

When Christmas gift shopping on a college budget, creativity is important. Putting time, thought and effort into Christmas presents is more important than the money spent.