“Clicking” with Nature

A crisp crunch under your left, black boot. *click* A call overhead from a sandhill crane. *click* A swift breeze blowing through your hair *click*

Photo by Noah Petry while on the walk.

This is snapshot into what a small group of Communication Department students did this past Saturday. Laura Watkins led the group starting at the Mel Johnson Media Center. They left bright and early in the at 8:30 a.m. to catch the morning light. The lovely 48 degree morning kept them warm.

Photo by Noah Petry while on the walk.

The group adventured over to Vadnais Lake Regional Park to find nature. They started their journey on paved trails and ventured off onto narrow trails through the woods. They saw the results of beavers attempting to dam the canal and beautiful fall colors. It was beautiful scenery for some keepsake photos.

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