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Article by Sophia Wahl


This year marks Caitlyn Pruis’s fourth season as a middle blocker on the University of Northwestern’s volleyball team. It was a pleasure to meet Cait and interview her post-game on September 22. When asked about her sport, the role it has had in her life, and if it is in her future, Cait says volleyball has been a source of joy to her since she was in fourth grade. She shared that she hopes to continue playing recreationally after she graduates with a degree in cyber security and information systems.


What are her plans as graduation nears? She shares that she has a job lined up at Jack Link’s (the jerky company) as an IT technician. 

The girls playing the first set of the game

After discussing her career plans, the conversation turned to her excitement for her future job in cyber security. However, it has not been an easy athletic career. Caitlyn opened up about the injuries she has sustained, including a torn ACL, resulting in surgery and 8 months of recovery. Throughout the process, she says, 


 “The team was super supportive, and it’s been fun to play again. It’s such a gift to play with the girls and compete.”  


Competition is one of the aspects that makes volleyball so fun! Our girls made it to the final four last year, and we hope to clinch the UMAC and make it to the national tournament this season. These goals reflect the team’s commitment to the sport and each other. 

We won the match!


Competing is not the only source of fulfillment. When asked about the spiritual climate, specifically between the girls on the team, Cait shared that it is, “amazing, focusing on God first and then each other and the game.” From the audience’s point of view, it is incredible to watch the physical and spiritual strength of these girls. Their love for each other, their sport, and God is evident.  

“It’s a form of worship to Him!”

Post-game prayer

Caitlyn has a final message for her fellow Eagles: “You don’t need to know anything about the sport to have a good time!”

Consider coming to a future game or tuning in via live stream.