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Let’s face it. Moving away from home is tough. An ugly dorm makes it tougher. Affordably styling your dorm makes the college transition so much easier. Follow this DIY list to avoid a decorating dilemma.

  1. First on our list are tapestries. Tapestries add a soft touch to any room. Commonly ranging in price from $8 to $16, they are an inexpensive, popular and chic way to add some flair to plain, whitewashed walls. Add a simple string of lights to give them even more pizzazz! Easily hang with $3 command strips found at crafting stores.

(Cheap tapestry options)

  1. Second on our list are pictures. Go to a Walmart or CVS near you and print off some of your favorite highlights! Images of smiling family and friends on the walls instantly makes your new space feel like home. You can easily print out 20 photos for less than $10! Safely hang with putty! 
Image result for photo wall room decor

(Picture hanging inspo!)

  1. Third on our list are posters. If cozy isn’t your style, trade out the tapestries for LED lights and vibrant posters! Posters range in price from $8 to $15 and will be sure to give your room a unique and spunky vibe! Easily hang with command strips. 

(Fun poster arrangements)

  1. Fourth on our list are mirrors. From uniquely shaped wall mirrors to traditional over the door mirrors, these elegant pieces are sure to make your living arrangement feel bigger and cuter! Small wall mirrors can be commonly found for $20 and under, while the larger mirrors, however, may be a tad more expensive ranging in price from $30 to $70. Again, hang with command strips or an over the door kit. 

(Cute mirror ideas)

  1. Fifth and final on our list are plants. Purchase a trio of succulents, a hanging plant or any other greenery (fake or real no judgment here) to soften the edges. Ranging in price from $8 up, plants are an easy addition to your decorating plans. Hang with command hooks or set up on a desk!

(Gorgeous greenery)

Regardless of your decorating expertise, anyone can follow this easy list. Even novices recognize the instant improvement after investing in decor. My roomie, Emily Hayton and I aren’t phenomenal decorators. However, by following these simple steps Emily often exclaims, “Ah! Look at how cute it’s getting in here!” Loving your college experience starts with your dorm. Follow these tips to decorate on a budget.