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By: Mia Nowacki, Mercy Honermann, Noelle Rogers, and Grace Her

Senior communications major, Emily Wilder, worked her way upstairs into a paid internship as a Marketing Web Assistant.

Emily specializes in the seamless transition of the University of Northwestern’s website to a cutting-edge database. With an eye for detail and passion, Emily plays a vital role in editing, troubleshooting, and strategic marketing for the university’s online presence. Her expertise and dedication offer a valuable asset to UNW’s digital identity.

In a recent interview Emily shared a bit about how she got the job and what she does.

“It excites me getting to expand on my experience working in a fun environment with great coworkers.” – Emily Wilder

After seeing a post on LinkedIn from UNW alum and PR major, Elena Nowlin, Wilder knew that the position was perfect for her. Wilder has many different interests as a communication studies major but finds that marketing is where she shines. After a short application process and a casual interview in the Billy Graham Center, Wilder felt confident that she would be a great candidate. Before she knew it, the position was hers!

Wilder also serves as a Public Relations Workshop head and believes that one of the best ways to get experience in a low-pressure environment is to join a MEL workshop! She and Elena have both served in this role and credit it as a steppingstone in their career. As registration day gets closer, students should consider signing up for a workshop today!

Wilder has many varied interests, including listening to Taylor Swift music and going to coffee shops with friends. She can be seen running around campus till Spring 2024 when she graduates!

Emily and boss, Elena Nowlin, share a warm embrace on crisp October afternoon.