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It’s Wednesday, so that means you are in the middle of tinkering your lineup for week 2.  I have 1 guy from each position you should start who you might be sitting and one guy from each position you should sit that you might start.  Here we go.


Sit – Colin Kaepernick

I know what you are thinking. “But he just went for over 400 total yards last week?!” Yes. Against the Pack. This week the 9ers travel to play in Seattle. The toughest place to play in the NFL. On Monday Night Football. Big stage.  Seattle held a similar quarterback (Cam Newton) to under 200 all purpose yards last week.  You should count Kaeptain America out of your lineup if you have a decent second option. (See Below)

Start – Alex Smith. The chiefs are back baby! And Alex Smith is leading the charge. This week they host the Cowboys who gave up a an awful 404 yards and 3 touchdowns through the air last week to the GMen.

Don’t take a lesson from the coaching staff  in San Fran. Sit Kaep Start Smith.


Sit – CJ Spiller

If you drafted Spiller top 5 in your draft after his huge year last year you are probably reconsidering after week 1.  For good reason. Spiller rushed for 41 yards on 17 carries which is an abysmal 2.4 yards per carry.  And Buffalo has another guy named Fred Jackson who went for 67 on 13.  Buffalo travels to Carolina. The panther defense last week shut down Marshawn Lynch. Holding him to Spiller like numbers.  (43 on 17).  I know its a small sample size. But think about it.

Start – Joique Bell

Lions actually have a running back this year with the add on of Reggie Bush.  And the only reason his name isn’t in here is because he should already be in your starting lineup (cough, cough, Kolojeski) Reggie Bush is great and all but Bell is going to get goaline and redzone carries.  Consider him good for 50 yards and a TD which in most leagues is 10 pts. And good enough for a roster spot. His value increases even more if you are playing PPR

Wide Receiver

Sit – Roddy White

White has been tweeting this week about how he cannot give fantasy owners any advice on whether they should start or sit him but you should know that he does have a lingering high ankle injury.  This usually means he cannot cut as well.  And I don’t see any reason why the Falcons would not limit his snaps because of the array of weapons they have to throw the ball to with Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez playing very well last week. Atlanta plays at home against a much improved St. Louis Rams defense. Sit him.

Start – Cecil Shorts

You may call me crazy but I believe in Chad Henne in 10 games (six starts) he threw for 2,084 and 11 TD’s. Jacksonville you can imagine is going to be losing (yes even against Oakland) which usually  means they are going to be passing the ball a lot.  Henne is not the normal start which usually translates into more yards for the number one receiver in something I like to call the “trust factor”. Henne getting a chance to start so he wants to play as well as possible to not lose that spot. Who does he trust the most to catch his passes? Shorts. And considering the Jags second target is a guy you have never heard of Shorts should be seeing a lot of action this week.

Tight End.

Sit – Antonio Gates

People who like to play the name game are going to hate me on this one but the days of Gates being a high powered fantasy tight end are long gone.  He scored just 4 points on Monday Night against the Texans in a game where Philip Rivers play above normal Philip Rivers play.  Expect him to struggle this week against the Eagles… And for the rest of the season.

Start. – Brandon Myers

Myers was able to find the endzone last week against the ‘boys and that’s what you want out of your tight end.  If your tight end is not named Davis, Graham, or Gonzalez, Myers is a great option this week against the Broncos who gave up the 2nd most points to tight ends last season and gave up 87 yards on 7 catches to Dallas Clark last week. If he is available pick em up. If you pick em up start em.

That’s all I got for you.  Leave me a comment here or on the Chatterbox Facebook or Twitter pages.  Tell me how crazy I am or ask any sit/start questions.  Listen tomorrow 4-6 for your question to be answered on air.