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As I begin writing this new blog post, I look over everything that I write. I make sure the words are are spelled correctly, and make sure I have not skipped any words. This is typical for me. Ever since I was little I would go over everything that had to do with writing or math. For you see, I am dyslexic. Yes,  from kindergarten to College, I have dealt with this learning disability. As a young child, this plagued me. It was, for me, responsible for my self-doubt, lack of confidence in academics, and made me feel different from everybody else. In school, I was often teased for having dyslexia. I was called dumb, or the R- word. People just did not understand, even teachers. This curse that I believed I had, led me down many dark paths. As I write these words down, it is honestly hard for me to even express how I feel about this part of me that has lingered in my life for so long.

As with everything though, God takes the bad, and he uses it for good. As I learned from my troubling problems with dyslexia , I realized I had become stronger because of it. I found out what God was truly doing in my life. I learned to depend on God, not on myself. The anger that I had felt because of my disability became my confidence. I wanted to try harder, I wanted to become someone that even if I have this issue in my life, that I could get over it, I can overcome it, because God gives me strength. Yes, life in academics is still VERY difficult. I still find myself spelling words wrong, or mixing my letters with numbers. I have to continue to give one-hundred percent, and more, and yes…people still don't understand what exactly dyslexia is or what it implies, but with this curse, It has turned to a blessing.  I know life after college will be just as hard, especially with my type of major where writing is fundamental to making radio productions and shows.  I shouldn't worry though, because I know there is a plan for me. There is also a plan for YOU.  Not everybody has dyslexia, but I hope that if you are going through anything that is bothering you, whether it is work, an argument with a friend or family member, or maybe you just don't feel loved.  Remember, depend on God on everything you do, and he will bless you Not on your time, but on his own schedule. – Tony


Tony is The Program Director at The Remnant, and is a huge music lover. Legend has it, that if you say his name three times, he will appear.