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Want a change of scenery? Here are five local cafes close to campus to check out with a friend, roommate, and significant other

1. Dogwood

Dogwood not only has amazing drink and food selections, but it also has bags of coffee beans that they roast and sell at their locations. Want to take it to go? Dogwood also offers a pick-up options for ease. Visit the nearest cafe at 1209 Tyler Street NE in Minneapolis.

Dogwood Coffee Beans

2. Honour Coffee & Raw Juices

If you are looking for a cozy and relaxing coffee shop atmosphere, Honour is the place for you! The cafe is located at 451 Stinson Blvd in Minneapolis, just twelve minutes from campus. Not a big coffee fan? No problem! Honour is also famous for their fresh, cold-pressed juice.

Some of the many juices Honour offers.
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3. Spyhouse

Spyhouse offers several different delicious coffee and non-coffee drinks, along with a whole shelf of freshly baked pastries. With several different areas to sit and relax at, this is a great place to hang out! There are multiple locations close to UNW, with the closest one at 945 Broadway St NE Minneapolis.

Wonderful latte art courtesy of Spyhouse.
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4. The Cafe Meow

Do you love cats and coffee? Experience the best of both worlds with Cafe Meow. This cafe includes both a coffee shop and a cat lounge. The Cafe Meow is located at 2323 Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis about 25 minutes away from campus. Head on down to sip some coffee with these furry felines!

Cats hanging out and sipping coffee.
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5. The Grateful Table

The Grateful Table offers drinks along with delicious pastries, sandwiches, and desserts. You can visit this location at 2804 Fairview Ave N in Roseville. All of their dishes are made with vegetables that are freshly grown right here in Minneapolis. They use tower gardens, which are six-foot-tall greenhouses. If you are looking for foods made with vegetables that are pesticide free, and a cute spot to hang out, try The Grateful Table!

Fresh plants to supply The Grateful Table.[pic credit:]