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With orange and red starting to color the treetops and the weather starting to cool, high schoolers are taking tours of our beautiful campus and starting on the college application process. While our admissions counselors can be quite persuasive, sometimes the most helpful perspective for prospective students is from Northwestern’s students. What do we feel are the best features of campus? What helped us decided to call Northwestern home? I remember considering the same dilemma as a high school junior. After visiting other schools and exploring other programs, I choose UNW because of the following five characteristics.

#1 Community

Students on campus. Image courtesy of @northwesternmn

While this might be cliché, Northwestern’s Christian community is one of the main reasons that students choose this institution. The application process for UNW has a statement of faith and each student is required to attend chapel and minor in Bible. While this doesn’t guarantee that each student professes genuine faith, it does encourage faith discussions and provide a community activity that all students attend together. Every morning right before chapel, students can be seen streaming from classes across campus towards Knight Hall. This element of campus life brings us closer together and grows us in our faith as we are able to worship alongside our fellow classmates.

#2 Professors

Northwestern Professor assisting students with an artifact. Image courtesy of @northwesternmn

UNW has a student to professor ratio of 15:1 which guarantees close relationships with professors and classmates. This tight knit community provides students with professors that want them to succeed. Professors will strive to learn what is going on in their students’ lives and how to best challenge them and help them explore their potential. Because of the low ratio, students are also able to form close relationships with their classmates. Each Department has clubs, publications, or performances that help students to connect with their classmates. Because of the low numbers, students are able to form friendships with classmates that will last throughout the program. There are also connections outside of the institution with former students so that current students can pursue internships and jobs related to their major.

#3 Campus

Northwestern’s beautiful campus in the summer. Image courtesy of @northwesternmn

During my first visit on Northwestern’s campus as a high schooler, I remember wanting to attend the university simply because of the beautiful grounds. Despite its small size, this campus is full of unique spots waiting to be discovered. The island, the green, the lakeside, and the walking trails all across campus are just a few of the spots that you can find a student during the spring, summer, and fall. Students can also take advantage of the beautiful sports facilities including the outdoor tennis court, baseball, football, and soccer fields as well as indoor courts and the new golf facility. During the winter students can be found all around campus next to fireplaces or in one of the study rooms in the library surrounded by plants. Given it’s reputation for “ring by spring” Northwestern certainly provides students with the perfect location to pop the question.

#4 Clubs

UNW students from two of our clubs, TPUSA and Northwestern Students Life. Image courtesy of @northwesternstudents4life

UNW has numerous clubs and workshops that provide students with opportunities to get involved and find other students that share the same values and interests. Different departments also have publications or specialty classes that teach practical skills that students can use in the real world.

#5 Food

Students can enjoy Bon Appétit’s wide variety of food and drinks. Image courtesy of @unwadmissions

When considering where to attend school, students often forget that they will be spending most of their time on campus and will likely have to eat at the school for the majority of their meals. UNW students enjoy a wide variety of food and drinks in the dinning hall and café all provided by Bon Appéptit. Food options include a salad and sandwich bar, a homestyle meal, various vegetarian options, pasta and pizza, and a grill with burgers, chicken and daily specials. Students can also grab prepackaged salads, sandwiches, and snack boxes at the café if they are running to class. When classes are feeling a little too stressful or all-nighters are hitting hard, students can grab a coffee or tea at the café. The most popular spot for a late- night snack is the Nest. There are chicken strips, french fries, ice cream, drinks, and lots of packaged snacks and candies.