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On a cold, Friday night, Emily Hayton and I (Tiffany Young)took off across campus to explore the tunnels. Walking into the eerily empty Billy, we descended down the stairs and into the tunnels. We came to a empty hallway with bleach white walls. Having heard rumors of fake doors, we ran our fingers along the walls and checked every handle we passed. As we walked along the hall, we entered a staircase. We let the door close shut behind us as we peeked around.

“…our eyes fell upon an old, orange custodial cart.”

Finding nothing, we reentered the hallway. Immediately, our eyes fell upon an old, orange custodial cart. Shook, we quickly discussed its sudden appearance. When we had first entered the hallway, Emily had checked the door which was now blocked by the cart, without moving around any obstacles. We thus realized, to our dismay, that the cart had appeared during our time at the base of the staircase. 

“We need to get out of here!”

Nervous but determined to continue on, we started to walk into the black hallway towards Riley. However, fear from the cart and its owner quickly settled in. Looking at each other we exclaimed, “We need to get out of here!"  Flinging open the door to the stairway, we sprinted back the way we had come, running haphazardly to my car and speeding off to the safety of the dorms. 

The following day, despite our prior night’s experiences, we decided to return to our explorations. So, around 1 p.m., we again descended to the depths of the Billy. Although we found no new tunnels, we did discover an old, seemingly unused stairway in the Art Studio boasting various written phrases on the walls, a frame in Naz that appeared to be an old, now plastered in doorway, a prison-like study room, and a rounded, locked door leading below the chapel. 

Our findings were fun and interesting. However, since we heard no noise accompanying the appearance of the cart the previous evening, we must presume the ghosts of Northwestern are alive and well!