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Every year there are a number of Christmas parties individuals will attend, and at least one will give the dreaded comment of bring a white elephant gift to exchange. If you are anything like me, then this comment might just intimidate you a little. I don’t know about you, but finding funny gifts can be hard. If this is you, then you are in the right place because I found some of the best and funniest gifts that are perfect for White Elephant gift exchanges.

#1 If you have a group of individuals who love group party games then these are the perfect gifts to bring. They are both funny and can be a game that you have for the rest of your life. Once giving this gift you have the opportunity to play a great game with your friends or family.

#2 Another great gift for white elephant exchanges is funny socks. This universal gift is sure to make many individuals laugh, while being able to give them some everyday useful items. If you know their favorite food, animal, or character then you have the perfect idea for what kind of socks to get them.

#3 If there is a coffee love in the midst of your white elephant gift exchange then you have the perfect opportunity to give someone a hilarious coffee mug. These gifts bring happiness to the everyday life by giving others a “cup of joy” that makes them laugh in the morning.

#4 Ever find a candy with a funny title or smell and ever asked “What would I do with this?”. The perfect use for these are white elephant gift exchanges. You are sure to get a good laugh when giving a bad smelling candle or one with a funny title.

#5 Another funny gift idea for those tricky white elephant gift exchanges, are kitchen gadgets. Finding these useful but at times funny gadgets are the perfect unique gifts that usually don’t come to mind right away. An example being this microwave smore maker that helps your smores come out perfect in the microwave.

#6 One last great idea for a white elephant gift is a character figurine. If you have an individual who has a favorite tv show or movie then pick out a chacter for one of those shows and you will for sure get a laugh with these big head figurines.