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Well, it is nearing that time of year again…no, not midterms, or end of quads…. Homecoming and Family Weekend is coming!

Homecoming weekend is a great time to show our school pride for Northwestern, but more importantly, it is a time to come together as a big family. Homecoming is for current students, but it is also open to families of students, alumni, and the surrounding community to celebrate the start of a new academic year and build community.

This year, there will be all new events, such as a Purple Donut Run, Homecoming Breakfast, Homecoming Block Party, and Young Alumni Networking Night! More details such as times and locations can be found on

With Homecoming weekend almost here (October 6-7, 2023), students are eagerly anticipating this year’s football games, theater productions, new events, and old ones!

While talking to students, you can sense the excitement.

Eryn Putz (B.S. in Media Production, ’25) says, “the four things I love most about homecoming are, the fun, energetic atmosphere, the people, and the school spirit.”

Freshman Rebecca, (B.S. in Art, ’26) said, “I am looking forward to homecoming because I want to experience a fun event, to hang out with friends, and meet new people!”

As the anticipation builds, students are looking forward to this year’s Homecoming bash! Hope to see you there!