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Northwestern students Samantha Kothari and Kalista Anderon are scheduled to join representatives from over 200 countries at the United Nations COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from November 30 through December 12. The conference addresses international climate change issues and solutions.

Kothari and Anderon serve as co-presidents of the on-campus People and Planet Fellowship (PPF) club. They work to steward God’s creation and encourage fellow students to do the same.

UNW senior environmental science and business major at hikes at the Pacific Rim.

Last summer, Kothari, a senior environmental science and business major, spent time in the Pacific Rim in Washington for the Au Sable Institute–an organization that equips college students to “serve, protect, and restore God’s earth” ( 

Kothari’s passion for the environment comes from her faith.  

“I see myself as a steward of creation because God calls us to do that–just like He calls us to be disciples! I pray that more Christians see the importance of the beautiful earth God so graciously created for us.”