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By: Noelle Rogers and Mia Nowacki

September 16 marked the closing of University of Northwestern – St. Paul Theatre’s performance of Romeo and Juliet, directed by Jennifer Hunter. Noelle Rogers and Mia Nowacki share about this unique take of the Shakespeare classic.

In this captivating adaptation, we journeyed deeper into Juliet’s side of the story, shedding light on one of literature’s most iconic heroines. Juliet’s passion and unwavering determination was mesmerizing as she navigated the world of Verona through song and dance. This magically reimagined production promises a fresh perspective on the beloved tale, where Juliet takes the lead.

Even the rehearsal experience has been an enchanting labor of love for the cast and crew, who were thrilled for audiences to finally see the show:

“I have loved every minute of it… I can’t wait for everybody to see it!”

– Jon Haven (Benvolio)

“I love everything I’m doing… the people are wonderful. It’s a really good time.”

– Lindsey fields (Friar Laurence)

“Romeo and Juliet is a really cool show… it’s both a comedy and a drama!”

– Parker Payne (Paris)

In a world saturated with screens and distractions, there’s something magical about immersing yourself in the raw emotions of live theatre. Romeo and Juliet, with its fresh perspective on Juliet’s journey, invited us to reconnect with the intimacy and unrepeatable thrill of live theatre.

Check out UNWSP Theatre’s next show, Anastasia: The Musical, showing at the Beverly & John Lord Knight Performance Hall on November 2-11. Tickets are available now at