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University of Northwestern-St. Paul offers a unique opportunity for students from any major to have real-life, hands-on  experiences through communication workshops in career fields of interest to them:

  • Radio
  • Public Relations
  • Film (think Five16 Film Festival!)

… and the workshop this article is about

  • TV

The television workshop is open to any student from any major who is interested in television and videography.

The art of telling stories

A key skill in today’s workforce is the ability to tell stories. To gain interest or motivate people to think or act. TV workshop allows students to to tell stories – to create videos and upload them under the username “The MEL Media” on YouTube (formerly called Eagle 7 News). 

One example of this content is their video on UNW’s football season, “UNW Football: A Family Tradition.” This TV segment highlights the University of Northwestern’s football home opener and a student’s connection to the team.

Molly Krueger, executive director of the television workshop, talked about how The MEL Media is working on a feature piece about UNW nursing students: highlighting what it’s like for them and how Covid has affected the medical world. 

They also covered the 24-hour film challenge where film workshop students recorded and edited a film in 24 hours. Molly also mentioned a future piece on UNW transfer students and their decision to switch schools.   

Workshops at UNW allow students to experiment and try new things – without the fear of failure – because there are no grades! Consider joining a workshop next semester. For more information email