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Lili Naylor graduated from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul in the Spring of 2020 majoring in Public Relations along with minors in Event Planning and Marketing.

Recently, she started her newest job as Concert and Event Specialist for Northwestern Media. Her job requires her to observe ticket counts in the region. When musicians are in town, Naylor facilitates the relationship between artists and venues, coordinates the artist’s needs for the venue, and attends many meetings for future events.

When asked why she wanted to work in Public Relations, she said “I really love working with people, but didn’t feel called to be a doctor or lawyer. I really liked working with artists for events, and Public Relations is where I decided to go!”

“My dream job is to work with the Superbowl Host Committee to showcase a city to the world.”

Lili Naylor

Naylor has had many opportunities to showcase her PR skills in her career. Hospitality and people skills are crucial to working in this field, especially when you are representing your clients. Naylor enjoys working with people so much that when she’d done working for the day, she volunteers with the Vikings, Twins, and Timberwolves.

She chose UNW because she lived down the road and decided to do a year of PSEO (Post-secondary Education Options) on campus during her senior year of high school. She loved the community Northwestern had to offer and especially the Communications department.

Naylor credits the PR Cases and Campaigns course with preparing her for this career. In that class, Naylor gained experience landing her own real-life business client, creating a public relations campaign to meet their PR goal, and developing a “PR pitch” to win that client’s approval at the end of the semester. Along with PR Cases and Campaigns, Nayloy also enjoyed taking Graphic Design and Event Planning courses.

Naylor is proud of her Northwestern roots and dreams big for the things that are yet to come in her career.