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You probably have a love/hate relationship with social media. At times, you feel your can’t live with it or without. That’s the scene for Taylor Leonhardt’s song Happy or Whatever. That’s this week’s Top Song on the MEL. The rest of the most played songs on the MEL is below and includes Ellie Holcomb, Toby Mac/Sheryl Crow, Kurtis Hoppie, Da T.R.U.T.H. and Mat Kearney.

In Happy or Whatever, Leonhardt examines the pressures of social media, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and the jealousy game we play that buys the lie that everybody else is so much happier than you are.

I’m on the other side of the glass / Lookin at the life they have / Ain’t it so much better / It’s always easier to believe / It’s easy for them to be / Happy or whatever

From Happy or Whatever by Taylor Leonhardt

The song really cuts to the emotional bone. You can feel her heart crushing beneath the weight of all the posts that dogpile you with everybody else’s accolades and exceptional performance. Leonhardt wonders why she is the villian in all this.

I’m feeling all alone / My sister moved back home /All she talks about now is her brand new job / And her fancy MBA, her lawyer fiancé / I’m the jerk for wishing she would just die

From Happy or Whatever by Taylor Leonhardt

Okay, the lyric doesn’t say ‘die’. It says stop, but it might as well, since that’s the heart of it.

The song does have a happy or whatever ending. It is better to look within and reflect on how God has done his good work through you. Comparing yourself to others puts your promises in idols and envy.

Throughout the rest of the new album Hold Still, Leonhardt recalls the slow steady faithful work of the Lord beneath the surface who is working everything toward what truly is good.

Cause under all the snow is something green / hiding in the winter is a spring / I know it will take the barren field of heartbreak / a little time for a new rain to fall / I will not hang my head / His banner is over me / He said I am his poetry / He won’t waste a word /I’m gonna wait / wait on the Lord

From Poetry by Taylor Leonhardt

Here’s a live performance of the song. Top Songs on the MEL is below the video.

1Taylor LeonhardtHappy or Whatever
2Ellie HolcombColor
3Switch Better View
4Toby MacPromised Land w/Sheryl Crow
5Kurtis HoppieRooftops
6Matthew ParkerRoses
7PeabodFavorite Part
8Da T.R.U.T.H.NEVER FAIL REMIX (feat. Greg Cox)
9HulveyCame For Me w/Antoine Bradford
10Mat KearneySave Me
11Ben RectorSupernatural (with Dave Koz)
13Sara GrovesRemains of the Day
14The Arcadian WildFall:War
15Twenty One PilotsFormidable
16LovknGreater Is He
17Sarah ReevesYears
18Judah & the LionFind Another Reason Why
19nobigdyl.What A Day
20Sara GrovesNothing
21Yam HausBody Goes
22Half-AliveWhat’s Wrong
23For King & CountryFor God is With Us
24LecraeWildin w/ 1K Phew
25JudahHe Is Good
27Trip LeeSupernatural
28TerrianWake Up
29Drew Holcomb & the NeighborsWithout A Light
30Riley ClemonsHeadspace
31Matthew ParkerSignal
32Alex DelzerHALLELU
33Mat KearneyOdds
34Judahi love you w/Dante Bowe
35Latham WarlickMy Way w/ Tyler Hubbard
36Thi’slStrange Things
37HulveyCrack The Tomb
38ohsobrknLightning Fast
39Colony HouseNatural
41Andy MineoWorking On It
42Taylor LeonhardtMother’s Daughter
43The Arcadian WildWinter: Will
44HollynMood Swings
45LeonBelieve In Me
46Elizabeth KingLiving In The Last Days
47Matthew ParkerBurn Like Embers Re-ignited
48SoulboxNew Me
49Alex DelzerDear God
50Twenty One PilotsThe Outside
51Shoshana BohlenCullen
52Yam HausGive Me The Keys
53DoeSo Good
54Bethany BernardCall You Blessed
55Jonathan TraylorHope
56Chris HowlandSweet Somehow
57Ross KingVillain
58SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah)Cycles
59Sara GrovesTelltale Heart
60Natalie BergmanShine Your Light On Me
61Latham WarlickWay Out Here
63FuturesHills & Horizons
64Taylor LeonhardtThe Bridge
65Relient KWho I Am Hates Who I’ve Been
66Natalie BergmanYou’ve Got A Friend In Jesus
67Johnathan McReynoldMovin’ On
68For King & CountryRelate (R3HAB mix)
69HulveyCold Nights
70JudahHallelujah’s Song (Psalm 103)
71Gray HavensIt’s Possible
72JudahJust Because
73Courtnie RamirezLife is Good
74TedashiiLights In the City
75Mat KearneyPowerless
77Yam HausSir Duke
78All Creatureswonder working
79Mike DoneheyAll Together
80Colony HouseAutomatic
81Thi’slBy Your Power
82NEEDTOBREATHECarry Me (feat. John Foreman)
83Marcus RogersChild of the King
84BlancaEven At My Worst
85NEEDTOBREATHEI Wanna Remember (w/ Carrie Underwood)
86Dante BoweJoyful
87Royce LovettKeep Moving
88116La Fiesta (Remix)
89Phil JLove Your Neighbor
90Andy MineoMomma Taught Me
91Royce LovettOut Of My Head
92Twenty One PilotsSaturday
93Russ ParrishSkin & Bone
94Phil JSpotlight
96Ellie Holcomb, Bear RinehartSweet Ever After
97CrowderSweet Jesus
98Hulvey, Andy MineoWe Against the World
99Edison GlassY Were U Hiding?
100Trip LeeYou Got It