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ROSEVILLE, Minn. (January 25, 2022) — The Bread of Life chapels began Wednesday, January 19, and will be continuing on a biweekly schedule throughout the rest of the year. These alternative chapels will continue to meet in Nazareth Chapel on Wednesdays. The point of these chapels is to cultivate a deeper love and appreciation for our Lord through learning more, meditation and prayer, and methods of Bible study such as Lectio Divina.

[Dr. Glenny and Dr. Helseth, professors of the Biblical and Theological Studies department lead these fulfilling chapels.]

“[These professors] have a freshness about them that stems from highlighting older traditions but also addressing modern day realities.”

Jacob Heimsoth, a Biblical and Theological Studies major

During the previous gathering, Dr. Glenny, who has pastoral experience, introduced the idea of the chapel and led its first meeting. The chapel is called the “Bread of Life” because it is going to be focused on Christ Jesus and His impact in our lives. Jesus claims in John 6 that He is “the bread of life; whoever comes to [Him] shall not hunger, and whoever believes in [Him] shall never thirst” (verse 35). Our goal in the Christian life is to not hunger for things other than Christ because they will never satisfy our insatiable hearts like He can.