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by Amy Hase

Want to learn how to be on the radio or produce a podcast? Join a MEL workshop!

University of Northwestern’s Communication Department offers a wide variety of workshops in the communication field. These workshops give students an opportunity to work in a field they are interested in – without any grades!

One of these, the Radio and Podcasting Workshop, allows students to have their own radio show!

“I really enjoyed the time I got to spend on the radio. It was fun to create a radio personality and get encouraging feedback. It was a great opportunity to express my creativity,” said sophomore Noelle Rodgers, a Public Relations major.

The workshop allows students the ability to express their creativity while learning how to use audio production technology in a multitude of ways including radio shows, podcasting, and song selection!

Whether you join the workshop for one credit, or no credit, the skills and experience you gain will be invaluable and will expand your resume!

Interested in joining? The workshop is open to any major – talk to your advisor and register in April!

Listen to the MEL on 98.5 KTIS HD3 and online at!