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Last Friday, Joel and Luke Smallbone of For King and Country, a Christian duo from Nashville, held a small event with a Q&A and exclusive clips from the movie Priceless; here is a short summary of what was talked about:

About Priceless:

Priceless is a drama/thriller about a man named James Stevens (Joel Smallbone of For King and Country) who has a head-on collision with human trafficking. He has just lost everything—his wife, his daughter—and is in the most desperate place he has ever been when he gets a job driving a white box truck across the country: drive straight through, don’t look inside the truck, no questions asked, payed in cash. Soon he finds out that he is hauling two sisters, and must try to save them from what awaits them.

Highlights from the Q&A:

Q: What brought you from music to a movie?

A: Relationship and commitment have always been close to Joel and Luke’s hearts. It is important to them that women know their worth and men step up to show respect to women. Joel remarked, “Culturally we are starving for this affirmation.” Ben Smallbone, Joel and Luke’s brother, is a filmmaker. The brothers knew that this story needed to be told, so the Priceless book and movie came from this collaboration between the three brothers in order to give a voice to this story.

Q: Sex trafficking is huge in The Twin Cities/St. Cloud area, did you know about that and is that why you chose to come here specifically during this tour?

A: Joel and Luke said that in every part of the country they have been playing in, someone will bring up sex trafficking in their area—it is everywhere, and it is not an easy cure. Joel said he was convicted to play an American—rather than having the movie set elsewhere—because it is such a big issue here and he wanted the message to really hit deep.

Q: Why do a movie when you are successful in music?

A: In filmmaking, people tend to write what they hope for or want life to be, Joel and Luke want to see reality. They said they are not in it for any gratification—music had already given them that; it is about the story that needs to be told.

The Trailer:

When and where:

Closest theater (to Northwestern):

Marcus Oakdale Cinema–5677 Hadley Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128

Premiere: Thursday, Oct 13, 7:30 p.m.; Release date: Friday, Oct 14.

For More Information: