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What do you think when you hear the word “gospel”?

The word “gospel” means “good news.” This definition is what inspired Rend Collective’s latest album, which was released on January 19th, 2018. The 15-track album stays true to the folk style of the band and contains songs of worship with a meaning.

The theme of Good News is seen throughout the tracklist. It is most prevalent in the single “Rescuer (Good News).” This song emphasizes the reach of the gospel and has a welcoming, campfire-esque feel. The song “No Outsiders” also connects to the theme. The chorus states, “You are the open door when I have wandered, Lord … There are no outsiders to Your love.” This slower track retains the focus on the availability of the good news to all.

The album also includes a collaboration with Hillsong Young & Free on the song “Marching On.” The song is upbeat with more of a techno-feel than the rest of the tracks. It serves as a rallying cry to the army of the Lord to “take back the ground from the darkness” and continue the fight in this world.

One song on this album with more clear emotion behind it is “Weep With Me.” This song is slow and powerful with moving lyrics that hit the heart. The lyrics “I don’t need answers, all I need is to know that You care for me” capture the attention of the listener within the first verse. “Weep With Me” is about learning to hold to God even during dark times, as the song begs, “turn my lament into a love song.”

Overall, this album is a great example of Rend Collective’s work and contains many well-written songs with real meaning behind the words. While there is some repetition of lyrics, the effect is not as draining as it can be on other albums of popular worship artists. Good News is available for streaming on services such as Spotify or for purchase through