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An official countdown began on Sanctus Real’s facebook page roughly six days ago. With each passing day the suspense built as fans and families anxiously awaited to hear who Sanctus’ new lead singer. Longtime front-runner Matt Hamitt chose to follow God’s call elsewhere and ended his time with Sanctus Real in November 2015. For more on his departure after 20 years in the band, see our previous article here:

With that being said, you’re probably wondering, who is the new lead singer already?!

Sanctus Real was pleased to reveal after what felt like an eternity, the new leader singer of the band: Dustin Lolli!!!

For those of you who watch out for the unique, up and coming indie bands, you may have already heard of Dustin from the Folk Pop duo, James and June. Together with his wife Sarah, the duo have been performing music in the indie scene for a few years, and prior to that, Dustin was the lead singer for Michigan based rock band Canons. Check out Dustin & Sarah’s music at

And of course, don’t forget to welcome Dustin to the Sanctus Real family. Old and new sounds can be heard in their newest single, “This Is Love,” with new front-runner Dustin Lolli heading up the band!