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In August, we’re ready to take on the world. In January, we feel like we’ve been crushed by it.

Don’t worry! It’s a feeling you can overcome. Check out these six easy ways to combat the spring slump.

1. Pomodoro study technique

Sometimes maintaining motivation throughout a study session can be difficult! The Pomodoro Technique is a system where you study for 25 minutes and then take a five minute break. This can keep you from getting burned out and allow you to stay focused for longer. Try playing a game on your phone or taking a quick walk during your break to rest your mind.

2. Hang out with friends

Sometimes, you just need to hang with your besties. The resulting conversations are a great way to find relaxation and forget that feeling of Minnesota winter doom.

3. Eat meals that power your brain

Food is what gives your body the energy to focus throughout the day, so it is crucial that you’re giving it the fuel it needs. Make sure to eat three substantial meals a day that include vegetables, fruit, protein, and carbs. Avoid snacking during your study sessions as well and save that for a break!

4. Sleep

Catch some z’s! Sleep is essential to your body and your brain’s recovery. An eight hour rest is like hitting the reset button on your body. After every sleep, there is a new chance to become motivated or recover from yesterday’s imperfections. Sleep is one of the best tools to ensure you finish your academic year strong.

5. Listen to music

Let’s be real, every now and then you just need to turn on some great, groovy music. It really helps you get to the task at hand and refocus your mind.

6. Try something new

Join an intramural, go swing dancing, or jump in the lake. Just do something new! Stimulate your brain with something that doesn’t result in an exam. In the end, you’ll relieve stress and clear your mind so you can come back to your studies fresh.