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UNW’s Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, Jeremy Kolwinska died unexpectedly of cardiac complications on March 13. He was a funny, humble and gracious man. He loved Jesus and his family deeply. He cared for entire UNW community in profound ways. He also loved the music of Andrew Peterson. Today, the Northwestern community gathered online to celebrate his life. So, near the end of the service, Katy Dahl sang a version of Andrew Peterson song More, from the 2005 album Far Country. Amidst all the chaos of Covid-19, we are reminded that life is as thin as the tiniest tear on the wall of a vein to your heart. But when you are in Christ. There is ever-lasting life. When trust in all his ways. There is more. More than just a grave. There is more! Standing in the glory Of a love that never ends. There is more. More than we can guess. More and more, forever more And not a second less. —– The link to the service is here