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Student Neely Farr traveled home to Trimble, Tennessee to spend time with her niece. She also got to eat good food and freeload off of her mom and dad while she was around.

Kaycee and Kendra had the opportunity to go on tours at KARE 11, iHeart Radio, Hubbard Broadcasting, and Target Field. The snapped some photos while testing out the anchor seats at KARE 11 and Hubbard Broadcasting, with other moments captured at iHeart Radio and Target Field. During their tours, they met a few people along the way and got to see them in action. From Dan Barreiro (KFAN), Zach Dillon (KDWB) and Paul Fletcher (Cities97) of iHeart Radio, to Ben Leber and Elizabeth Ries, hosts of Twin Cities Live at Hubbard Broadcasting. At Target Field, they saw the new Twins jerseys and logos and enjoyed the view of the renovated field from the press box.

Student Reagan went back home to her hometown of Spicer, Minnesota! She had many coffee dates with friends and baked a ton of goodies. She also got a new tattoo!

For spring break, Michelle Crane got to go on an awesome road trip all around the States! She went to St Louis, Tennessee, D.C., Indiana, and Chicago. Michelle saw all of her favorite people, including one of her besties pictured here. She was grateful for lovely weather and quality time with some of the best humans! Now she’s ready to tackle Quad 4 🙂

Abby got to go to Austin, Texas over break! Unfortunately, she was sick for most of the four-day trip. Thankfully, she was still able to have a fun vacation to spend time with family and enjoy the warmer weather. 

Students Shelby Greven and Grace Pompilio took on a roughly twenty-six-hour road trip to Marco Island, Florida where they soaked up sunshine, enjoyed the ocean breeze, and made lots of friendship bracelets. The two of them enjoyed building a new bond and went through a lot of exciting events. 

Emily Wilder spent her spring break making lattes with her new espresso maker. She enjoyed being back in her hometown with her family. She spent a lot of time playing the game, Bananagrams, as it is a Wilder family favorite!

Ler Say didn’t do much for spring break. She spent a lot of time with her friends and family doing random things. Overall, her favorite thing that she did over break was spending time with her dog!