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There are many different ways to make studying more enjoyable: using a reward system, switching environments and drinking coffee. But those tips do not always make the process fun. Using a game like this one to study can help finals week become more light-hearted. 

This game is called “Walk the Plank.” The game requires at least two people to play. If there are more than four people, students could play two separate games. The objective of the game is to be the last person still standing on the plank. The plank is five steps long.

One at a time, each player is asked a question from flashcards or a study guide. The player must answer the question, even if it is only a guess. If they answer the question incorrectly, they take a step forward. If they answer correctly, they stay put. The loser can receive some sort of punishment, such as chugging a glass of water or doing push-ups.

The players can have a third person asking the questions, or the players can ask each other the questions. It does not matter if the players are studying two different subjects or the same subjects, as long as there is something like a textbook, a study guide or flashcards for the questions to be asked from. 

Heather Jones, a senior Bible, intercultural studies and youth ministry triple major and Emily Kurtz, a junior elementary education major, gave positive feedback on this game. 

Jones said that she “liked that the game was interactive instead of just staring at a piece of paper or a computer.” 

Kurtz said the game is beneficial because “standing up helps your brain more than simply sitting [does].” She continues, “It helps everyone study at once.” Commenting on the adaptability of the game, she said, “You can play the game in a few different ways to fit people’s needs.” This makes the game more practical. 

“I like that there is an element of competition,” Kurtz finished, “it helps people try harder and focus more.” Overall, “Walk the Plank” can help spice up finals week.