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The TV series called The Chosen has caught fire over the last couple of years, and students at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul are excited to watch it.

The Chosen is a TV series that details the life of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It is incredibly successful financially; it is the first ever crowdfunded show to raise over 10 million dollars. It has reached many people as an appealing form of faith-based entertainment.

The producer of the show, Dallas Jenkins, is himself an alumnus from Northwestern. Students feel encouraged to know that the ideas that he had in producing the show may have been planted in his mind during his education at Northwestern, a faith-affirming environment.

Students, particularly those that are experiencing Northwestern for the first semester, may have been too busy over the summer to stream the series and stay caught up with the rate at which the episodes were produced. There are now 16 episodes. However, new opportunities on campus with students having free time may result in more students at Northwestern watching the series. It also helps that the series may be streamed for free and can be easily accessed by a community of students in a dorm room or hall, or any other preferred area.

When asked about his interest in the series, freshman Sam Hyttsten said that he was “excited” to watch the series, and that he “heard it was pretty good.” Freshman Peter Strand made the remark that he “has not had any time to watch that yet,” but that he was also interested in watching the show and heard that it was high-quality and entertaining. Both made the comment that they were happy to hear from their third roommate that he would be willing to stream the series for them in their dorm at any point in the semester.

Perhaps during one of the busiest seasons of their lives, college students may find themselves watching more TV – and learning and becoming better Christians for their easy and convenient efforts.