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This Christmas break, it is time we really take a break. In the world we are in, it is almost unbelievable that we are close to ending this year and beginning another. This year has affected us all differently and given us all a lot to think about. Many of my friends and I joke about how we will be watching movies and be shocked at how many people we used to fit into one room at a time without any masks or concern of getting a global virus. There are many of us who have sleep schedules that are completely ruined, and as things continue to stay shut down, we really have no place to go as the weather gets colder. It is getting dark at 4 pm, we are in finals season where our brains usually begin to deteriorate, and motivation is out the window.  

What are some ways we can choose to rest this Christmas? First, listen to yourself and your body and give it what it needs. If it needs a lot of rest and sleep, that is okay. If you need to bundle up and walk that is okay. If you need to fix your sleep schedule in order to get back into a rhythm that feeds your mind and body, then do that. Work to give yourself real self-care. Sometimes that is what we need more so than what we want. Secondly, stay healthy and follow those guidelines. What is more Christmas than thinking about others and protecting those we love from getting sick? And lastly, have some fun. Do some things that spark joy and refresh your spirits in a world that can have the opposite effect at times. Rest, breathe, and take a break this Christmas.