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As I look out my window on this surprisingly cold spring day, two thoughts rolled into my head. The first was, ” I wonder If I should get a taco?” The other was a little bit more personal and thoughtful. Where am I am going?  Yes, I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks this thought on a daily basis, but it’s one that I have always had. Even as a young child, I wanted to know who I was to become. Would I be a business man in the city, conquering, and saving people with my superpowers, or would I be a man that becomes a huge rock star, and is known by many?( I was an odd kid, okay!)  As a twenty-one year old adult guy, my thoughts about my future are a little bit more realistic. Am I going to get a job right away after college? Will I find that special someone? Should I get a taco?  I think the important thing is that we shouldn’t look one-hundred percent towards the future. Yes, the future truly freaks me out, but in order to look to the future, we must first look at our present self.

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That’s exactly what I’m doing more recently. It’s coming down to who am I now, and who that person will be in three years, five, or even ten years. It’s also looking to the God that truly knows the plans that he has for us. We must remember that even though the future can look a little bit frightening, it can also be enlightening.  God allows the future, so we can grow mentally, and spiritually. To learn from our mistakes, and to allow us to appreciate the good and the bad times. As I continue to look out my window, I know that this snow will melt.  Spring will come, and along with Spring, so will new experiences, friendships, and of course, new worries. But, Hey! I’m happy to be on this roller coaster  ride we call life, even if I do get a little bit sick of the ups and downs. Speaking of getting sick, I think I might go get some Taco Johns right now, and remember don’t look to the future obsessively, but rather look at the present you, and understand what God wants for your life.    – Tony

“For I Know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future, and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Tony is the Program Director at The Remnant. He can also be found dancing to Five Iron Frenzy when no one is around.