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Between classes, many University of Northwestern–St. Paul students brighten their days with drinks from the Heritage Café in the Billy Graham Community Life building. The café offers a wide variety of drinks, ranging from smoothies to coffee to tea. Some students have go-to favorites, while others buy a different drink every day. 

Bella Stone, a PSEO junior, enjoys a blended coffee with pistachio syrup. She loves the texture of blended drinks and the unique pistachio flavor. When she occasionally buys a drink, Stone usually purchases it before noon, “unless [she] had a long class later in the day that [she] needed energy for.” Sometimes to change it up, she switches the syrup flavor. 

While Bella Erickson, a junior psychology major, does not get a drink at the café very often, she does like their white chocolate mocha. For her, “it is a comfort food” and “very delicious.” She tends to get it in the morning because of the caffeine boost, but the time of day does not really matter. She has also tried the café’s London fog. 

Sarah Christenson, a junior theater major, enjoys the smoothies. She says that she loves “all the different flavors,” and it makes her “feel healthier than [she does when] asking for a sugary coffee drink.” She will order a smoothie any time of the day, from after her morning tap dance class to a quick dinner before rehearsals. She likes switching up the flavors and also enjoys iced chai tea lattes or London fogs. 

Will Jaenchen, a PSEO junior history major, gets the caramel macchiato after his first class in the mornings. He often enjoys it with a double chocolate muffin. 

Jenna Herman is a junior Spanish major, and her favorite drink is an iced chai tea latte with almond milk. She “always like[s] to get it cold—even in the winter.” She enjoys the spicy flavor and that it is not too sweet. She usually gets it in the morning or afternoon so she does not drink caffeine too late in the day. Herman occasionally switches things up and gets an iced London fog with oat milk. 

Nathan Gale, a PSEO senior, enjoys London fogs. He loves “the dull tones of tea and the warm cream.” He usually drinks it any time before 4 p.m. because he does not want the caffeine to keep him up. Gale also likes changing up his order by getting a smoothie or a chai tea latte. 

Alicia Korpi, a junior media production major, likes the café’s caramel latte because “it is lightly sweetened and has a nice flavor without the extra sugar of a mocha.” Usually, when she gets a drink from the café, it is for a caffeine pick-me-up. Korpi’s order regularly changes since she likes to order the café’s current special. She enjoys many of the other drinks but stays away from Americanos and regular coffee. 

Northwestern’s Heritage Café offers many different options, appealing to different tastes and needs. As the last quad begins, students can experiment with new drinks and possibly discover new favorites.